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Thyroid Cancer Alternative Treatment – Best Ways Suggested For Healing

Thyroid Cancer Alternative Treatment – Best Ways Suggested For Healing

Thyroid is a gland located in the neck of human-being. The growth of malignant tumor cells on the thyroid glands causes thyroid cancer. It has the affinity to spread into the lymph nodes through the lymphatic system. The various types include: papillary type, follicular type, anaplastic type and medullary type.

The causes of this disease are unknown. The common risk factor is exposure to radiations. For instance radiation treatment was used in the past for treatment of infected areas like lymph nodes, thymus and tonsils. The symptoms include formation of lump or a nodule on the neck. Sometimes pain in the neck is also considered to be an alarming sign.

Presently, an instrument called scanner and Ultrasonography technique are used for diagnosis of benign or malicious type of cancer cells in the throat. The various thyroid cancer alternative treatment aids in alleviating the pain, stress, retard or control growth of cancerous cells and minimize its side-effects. They are listed out below:

Sweating is a powerful way to eliminate the toxins present in the body. Follow simple steps like exercising with lot of clothes, sauna, drinking a cup of hot tea in a hot room and eating cayenne pepper.

Spiritual and Psychotherapy: This technique involves treating the unconscious part of body and illuminate mind and soul.

Physical Activities balances the body and alleviates the accumulated fatigue. There are wide options and you can select the one which best suits you. Some of them are swimming in natural water, dancing, rebounding, martial arts, gymnastics, aerobics, simple exercises, any sports practice like running, cycling, weight-lifting etc.,

Herbal medicines are the best sources to cure cancer with minimal or no side-effects.

Mind body medicine techniques lay emphasis on on command of thoughts and emotions in a positive manner, to maintain sound health. This involves meditation, hypnosis and biofeedback technique and much more.

Energy medicine: This technique stresses that forceful energy fields are used for wellness and curative therapies. Reiki, tai-chi and therapeutic touch are some of the common methods.

Imagery is useful in offering peace to mind by the way of imagining beautiful sceneries, pictures etc. Concentration on positive things aids in promotion of good health.

Physical therapy techniques like massage therapy, reflexologies are used to ease the pains through manipulative techniques on the affected parts, through controlled movements, bending, stretching exercises and postures etc.

Whole medical systems: These are ancient systems which are culturally based. Acupuncture (Chinese based), Ayurveda (Indian based which involves herbs, massage and yoga); western medical systems like Homeopathy and naturopathy are some of the types of medical systems.

Nutrition supplements like fruits, vegetables, cereals, fish oil, grapes, etc are provided to increase the metabolism of the patient’s body. This helps to regain strength and overcome dullness.…

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Prostate Cancer Information on the System of Staging

Prostate Cancer Information on the System of Staging

While doing the diagnosis or prostate cancer screening, the growth must be further defined in terms of its extent. This diagnostic process, called staging, involves a systematic search for the characteristics of the primary tumor, involvement of the lymph nodes and evidence of metastasis. This important information provides not only the doctor but also the patient about the condition that his body is going through and what would be the necessary measures that needs to be undertaken in order to treat the problem. Like all other types of cancer, the severity of the condition is divided into 4 stages.

The first among the prostate cancer stages is the earliest one. Stage 1 can be detected by accident or when the patient is undergoing other treatment related to the reproductive system. It is not detected by digital rectal examination because the cancer cells are still contained inside the prostate gland. You may not even feel or experience any signs or symptoms that you have this type of cancer. You will just be surprised when the doctor will detect that there is something wrong when you submit for an examination specific for prostate problems.

Moreover, prostate cancer information states that the second type of cancer is still contained on the prostate gland, however, it has grown and the size is evident enough to be detected during digital rectal exam. It can also be seen through ultrasound examination. Due to its growth, you may feel certain symptoms like problem when it comes to your urination. However, you may not mind them just because you might think that it can be due to something else. But when you consult this to a doctor, there is a great possibility that you have this type of cancer especially if you are high risk.

The third stage of this kind of cancer is already alarming especially that the cancer cells has spread to the surrounding tissues. Once diagnosed to have 3rd stage of prostate cancer, you must undergo treatment so that it will not spread to other vital organs which would then lead to a lot of complications. Surgery and radiation therapy are two of the possible treatments that can be done by an oncologist to you. You have the choice to undergo a surgical procedure or commit yourself to radioactive materials.

Prostate cancer usually does not lead to other organs of the body. However, in the fourth stage of this type of cancer, it has metastasized or spread to the bones and the lymph nodes. It has become more serious and systemic. Treatment would be done aggressively in order to stop the spread of the cancer cells. You must talk it over to your doctor about what possible options you have. You are already a complicated case but with your cooperation and that of your doctor, maybe there is still a good chance for cure.

This prostate cancer information especially when it comes to staging is what you must learn and remember. Treatment can vary according to the extent of the disease process and there is a greater chance for cure when treated at the earliest possible time.…

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Early Detection is Your Best Weapon Against Cancer

Early Detection is Your Best Weapon Against Cancer

The next two most important weapons you have against cancer are prevention and early detection. Since not all cancers are preventable, you need to understand that early detection is your very best weapon against cancer.

The earlier a cancer is detected, the higher your chances of survival. Read that last sentence again and repeat it out loud – it’s that important! The following are simple rules of thumb for early detections of the different types of cancer.

Early Detection For Women

Breast Cancer. All women should have a mammogram once a year starting at the age of 40 (and earlier if you have a family history of breast cancer). All women should have a clinical breast exam at least once every three years at their regular doctor’s visits. Women 40 and older should have a clinical breast exam every year. All women should perform a breast self-exam once per month starting at age 20. Report any changes in your breasts to your doctor immediately. Talk with your doctor if you have elevated risk factors for breast cancer such as a family history of breast cancer, past breast cancer, or a genetic predisposition to cancer.

Uterine Cancers

Cervical Cancer. All women should have a regular Pap test every year, or every 2 years for the newer liquid-based Pap test. Women who are 30 or older, and have had 3 normal annual Pap tests in a row can get tested every 2 to 3 years instead of annually.

Your doctor may recommend more frequent tests if you have HIV or a weak immune system. Ask your doctor about the HPV DNA test. Older women over 70 may be able to stop having annual Pap tests. Hysterectomy patients usually don’t have to take the tests, unless the reason for the hysterectomy was treatment for cervical cancer. Discuss these options with your doctor.

Endometrium Cancer. Report any vaginal spotting or bleeding to your doctor if you are at the stage of menopause. After age 35, or if you have a risk of hereditary nonpolyposis colon cancer (HNPCC), you should consider an annual endometrial biopsy. Visit with your doctor about these issues.

Early Detection for Men

Prostate Cancer. All men should have the PSA test and a digital rectal exam annually starting at 50 years old. Men at high risk for prostate cancer should begin annual testing at age 45. African-American men, and men with a close blood relative who had prostate cancer at a young age are at high risk for prostate cancer. Talk with your doctor about prostate cancer screenings.

Early Detection For Both Men and Women

Colon and Rectum Cancer. Both men and women who are 50 or older should do one of the following early detection screenings:

Annual fecal occult blood test (FOBT), or

Flexible sigmoidoscopy every 5 years, or a combination of

FOBT every year and flexible sigmoidoscopy every 5 years (this is recommended), or

Double contrast barium enema every 5 years, or

Colonoscopy every 10 years.

If you have a history of colon cancer, or polyps or inflammatory bowel disease, or a family history any of these, then you are at an elevated risk of developing colon cancer. If this is the case, you may need to start regular screenings and exams at an early age, and you may have to do them more often.

Some people are at a higher risk for developing certain kinds of cancer. High risk people may need have tests done more often and starting at an earlier age. Talk with your doctor about cancer and risk factors for cancer.

Remember that early detection is the best weapon against cancer. The earlier cancer is detected, the higher your survival rate.…

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Find the Best Colon Cleanse on the Market

Find the Best Colon Cleanse on the Market

I knew about the basic physiology of the colon (or large intestine). Mostly a transit system for waste, very limited absorption capabilities, etc…until I found a web page that immediately piqued my interest: “Colon Cleansing for Better Health”, by Maggie Simmons. I decided to take the plunge and purchase the reasonably-priced e-book. I’m VERY glad that I did so.

I had no idea before reading the e-book that accumulated waste could coat the creases and folds of the colon’s interior, like a paste. Naturally, the mere fact that the waste was layered on the colon walls for a long period of time was very unsettling to me. I realized that this material would be a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and micro-organisms of all kinds, shapes and forms. By this point, I was legitimately concerned for my well-being. Then, the wheels came off of the car: I found about the parasites that can live and breed in such a place, such as hookworms or tapeworms. What could I do to remove this menacing situation from my life?

I began to pour over “Colon Cleansing for Better Health” like it was my favorite novel. I came to understand that there are options for people in my situation, and that diet and exercise play in MAJOR role in the rectification of this problem. I was particularly impressed with the magnitude of information that was available in the e-book. I did not have to pour over a number of resource materials to find answers to my problem; it was available at my fingertips to interpret and use at my level of comfort. I found out about the high fatality level for colon cancer in the U.S., primarily due to our sedentary lifestyle and overindulgence of processed foods. Also, the fact that colon health is an INTRINSIC factor in overall health and well-being. Now I was finally getting some logical, rational answers to my problems. Additionally, I thought that as I got older, maybe my feelings of unhealthiness were attributed to the aging process. After more reading, I realized that was entirely, categorically untrue.

Does my story sound familiar to you? Have you found yourself wondering why you don’t have any energy, why you have abdominal bloating and general discomfort? Click below and find out more about my “internet sleuthing” experience……

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Nutrition in Berries and Sea Vegetables

Nutrition in Berries and Sea Vegetables

Berries should be a part of everyone’s diet, but no one gets the proper amount of 5 – 7 servings of fruits and vegetables per day. Dark berries high in antioxidants have the most nutrients to help fill the gaps in your diet.

The Black Elderberry is a natural anti-flammatory that has high anthocyanin content. It is praised for it’s powerful healing properties that help to ward off diseases. It also protects blood vessels, helps control skin disorders such as eczema and psoriasis, and helps control cholesterol.

The Meeker Red Raspberry contains high concentration of Ellaginannins. Ellagitannins in the absorbable form is Ellagic Acid, and Ellagic Acid has numerous health benefits. The Hollings Cancer Institute in South Carolina has proven the anti-aging, antioxidative, anti-mutagenic and cardiovascular health benefits of Ellagic Acid. It has been linked ion helping prevent cancer which also a study done at the Hollings Cancer Institute.

Boysenberries are now being studied for their role in preventing age related mental decline. Boysenberries have proven to prevent canker sores, bad breath, gingivitis, curves cravings and control appetite, this is according to the Department of Agriculture Human Nutrition Research Centre of Aging at Tufts University.

The Blueberry has been described in the past as one of the highest antioxidant ratings of any berry. It has been studied for it’s anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal effects.

The Black Current is another high antioxidant berry that is high in anthocyanins. It has been noted for it’s anti-bacterial, anti-viral effects from catechins and anti fungal effects from acetic acid. Black Currents have more Vitamin C that a 1/2 gallon of orange juice. It helps protect the eyes, and helps in the delay and prevention of alzheimers.

Cranberries are known to be protective against oxidative damage, it has anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory benefits. Cranberries help in the treatment of urinary tract problems.

Blackberries contain phenolic compounds that help provide anti-viral,anti-fungal,anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. Researchers have known for quite some time that blackberries contain antioxidants which help to prevent cancer causing free radicals.A study done at the University of Ohio has found that blackberries are the most potent cancer fighting berries of them all by 40%.

Sea vegetables should also be a part of everyone’s diet. Three very popular sea vegetables are Fucoidan, Bladderwrack (Fucus gardneri-Brown Seaweeds-Rockweed) and Sea lettuce (Ulva Lactuca-Green Seaweeds).


-Improve immunity by increasing the production of natural killer cells (NK Cells)

-helps stop formation of cancer cells through apoptosis process

-Decrease cholerterol levels

-Diabetes controlby slowing down the release of glucose into the blood

-Lowers blood pressure

-Helps prevent arteriosclerosis

-Skin rejuvenates through increased production of integrin, a protein that helps in skin repair

-Improves hair condition

-Relieves allergies through increased NK cells

-Relieves arthritis, produces the production of fibronetin to keep joints lubricated


-Source of polysaccharides, dietary fibres, and fucoidan

-Anti-thrombotic, anti-coagulant, anti-cancer, anti-viral and anti-flammatory

-Used to treat thyroid goiter

-Rich source of amino acids

-Source of Vitamins B12, C and E

-Extracts contain polyphenols

-Rich source of carotenoids

-Helps prevent diseases linked to oxidative stress

Sea lettuce:

-Excellent natural source for minerals, vitamins and amino acids

-Used for treatment of CHaD (Chronic Hand Dermatitis)

-Detoxify the kidneys and liver, and inhibit growth of fungi, bacteria and yeast

-Helps in weight loss…

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Cat Colon Cancer Symptoms – Why is it Hard to Detect Them in Advance?

Cat Colon Cancer Symptoms – Why is it Hard to Detect Them in Advance?

Feline colon cancer, though not very common, is one of the most dangerous diseases that can affect your cat. Though there are different types of cancer, colon cancer in particular is considered very dangerous by many. Let me tell you why it is so.

Colon cancer in cats is considered dangerous because of a simple reason – it is very hard to detect it in advance. In most cases, people confuse cat colon cancer symptoms with the symptoms of intestinal disorders and other not-so-serious health problems. The most common symptoms of this disease include diarrhea, difficulty in defecation, loss of appetite, vomiting, and blood in urine and feces. The problem here is that even cats with intestinal blockage or bacterial infections tend to show the same symptoms. So, most cat owners do not take these symptoms seriously. As a result, it spreads quickly and the cat’s health condition deteriorates badly.

When the cat owner realizes that something is very wrong with his cat, he takes it to the vet immediately. Unfortunately, it is too late in most cases. This is why I am of the opinion that feline colon cancer is highly dangerous. Let us now take a look at the treatment options available.

The vet usually suggests a treatment based on the severity of the disease. The options include chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation along with cancer medications. Surgery is usually not considered if the tumor is big in size. In general, chemotherapy is what most vets suggest for treating cancer in cats. One thing you need to remember about these types of treatments is that they are painful and the medications can cause some side effects as well.

In additional to conventional methods, a homeopathic or natural method is thought to provide additional support by strengthening your cat’s vital organs, improve its metabolism, and boost its immune system to a great extent in those cats that respond. Since they only contain natural herbal extracts, the chances of side effects are really less. Of course, consult with your veterinarian or vet that practices natural medicine.

The most important thing you need to remember, like I already mentioned above, is that cat colon cancer symptoms should not be confused with the symptoms of other intestinal problems. So, if your cat shows any of these symptoms, take it to a vet immediately and start the treatment right away. With the right kind of treatment and lots of love and care, you can increase your cat’s lifespan considerably.…

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Lung Cancer Symptoms – Major Signs Of Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer Symptoms – Major Signs Of Lung Cancer

Lung cancer symptoms wouldn’t show until advanced stages of the illness. One fourth of patients discover the malignant tumor, as a solitary small mass called coin lesion, by accident while x-raying the chest for other reasons. The major lung cancer symptoms are coughing up blood, chest pain and shortness of breath.

Lung cancer is the most deadly of all kinds. Specialists state that one out of every fourteen Americans, women and men, would diagnose the disease in a lifetime and more than 150000 victims are killed by this terrifying illness every year. This cancer was not common before the thirties of the last century but increased proportionally with the growth of the number of cigarettes smokers and the carelessness of companies that exposed their workers to asbestos.

The major causes of this cancer are tobacco, active and passive smoking, exposure to asbestos, Radon gas and familial genetic predisposition.

Patients develop lung cancer symptoms as the illness advances, due to physiological disruptions caused by the initial tumor and the metastatic tumors in other parts of the body: a malignant tumor would grow in the lung and spread to the surrounding structure using the bloodstream or the lymphatic system to expand. Inversely, metastatic cancers from other primary tumors of the body are often found scattered throughout the lung, most often in the peripheral rather than the center.

In addition, to the liquid volume that the pleura produces to cushion the lung, a malignant tumor would squeeze the lung in the rib cage, therefore breathing becomes difficult, wheezing and painful.

Coughing up blood is one of the spectacular and alarming lung cancer symptoms, is caused by tumor dying cells. Blood spitting is not specific to lung cancer symptoms only, but can also be attributed to other lung problems such as pneumonia.

The illness might invade the nerves and cause a shoulder pain that travels to the arm. Hoarseness is one of the lung cancer symptoms that indicate that the disease invaded the vocal cords. The infection triggers fever accompanied with strong sweating and general fatigue. In most cases, patients would swell of their faces and arms. Besides, victims would excessively lose weight in no time.

A physical examination would denote, in the case of lung mesothelioma, unusual masses of tissue under the skin in the chest and abdomen.

One shouldn’t wait until spitting blood but should consult a doctor as soon as he or she develops signs indicated as lung cancer symptoms.

A persistent new cough or the worsening of an old one, pain in the chest, breathing difficulties and wheezing should be considered as serious signs and encourage to seeing an oncologist.…