25 Myths And Facts About Cancer You Need to Know But No One Will Tell You

25 Myths And Facts About Cancer You Need to Know But No One Will Tell You

1 – We are not winning the war on cancer and the cure rate at present has only dropped 5 percent over the last 55 years as stated recently in the New York Times.

2 – The cancer industry is keeping us submissive by suppressing information about true cures.

3 – It is not difficult to get rid of cancer; the problem is to stop it coming back and that’s when it becomes a killer.

4 – Early detection is your best form of protection is a well orchestrated myth.

5 – We are being educated about cancer from the television set and many of the facts are not true.

6 – Today we only have expensive conventional treatments that subject a patient to much mutilation and suffering, yet yield survival improvements of only a few months.

7 – There is nothing in surgery, radiation and chemotherapy that will prevent the spread of cancer.

8 – Blaming faulty genes for cancer is but an excuse to cover up the real causes.

9 – Cancer is simply a reminder that you are not living as you are supposed to so it’s time to make some changes.

10 – There is no such thing as a drug or a treatment that will fix a medical problem that’s been caused by bad diets, a lack of exercise and an unhealthy lifestyle.

11 – Cancer is not cured with medicine or drugs, it is cured with knowledge.

12 – Cancer is not caught; your body develops it so learn how your body developed it and why.

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13 – Healing cancer is all about educating yourself so you can stop doing the things that causes it and start doing the things that heal it.

14 – You can never underestimate the importance of diet in beating cancer, it is everything.

15 – The first step in ridding the body of cancer is to eat less refined sugar, white flour and animal fats.

16 – The world most powerful cancer fighting substances are found right under our noses in the form of our natural food.

17 – Natural cures for cancer are not miracle cures, they are common sense solutions.

18 – Even if you are having radiation or chemotherapy you still need to make lifestyle changes because if you don’t the cancer will only return.

19 – The key to healing the body of cancer is to deal with the causes and not just treat the effect.

20 – It was proven 80 years ago that cancer cells cannot live in the presence of oxygen so get some exercise.

21 – Cancer is preventable, manageable and often curable but it is up to you and no one else to make the effort.

22 – There is a way to become cancer free but it does pose a formidable challenge because it means making changes.

23 – We must never forget that our main weapon against cancer is our own body, which is the immune system.

24 – Natural medicine is both safe and effective and the only side effect is improved well being.

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25 – Be wary of false knowledge, it is more dangerous that ignorance.

In dealing with cancer it’s important to realise that it’s a disease of the whole body and the tumour growth is only the symptom of the disease. That means you must treat and support the whole body to beat it.