Breast Cancer Screening Methods

Breast Cancer Screening Methods

Since the rate of women who are dying from breast cancer has been steadily increasing lately, it is important that you examine some of the information included in this article for you. The reason that women die from breast cancer is usually because it wasn’t detected early enough, which is why it is important for you, as a woman, to know about the various screening methods that can detect a mass which may indicate breast cancer.

Although many women think that there is only one way to screen for this type of cancer, there are actually several. The more common of these two methods is used by doctors during routine checkups.

The doctor simply feels the breast manually, checking from any lumps or masses that can mean cancer. If there are traces that may indicate cancer, he or she might recommend some ultrasonic or radiological tests be done just to make sure. These are simply ways of enhancing the methods used to check from breast cancer in women, and are often times very accurate and helpful in detecting it early on.

The second screening method that is used is called mammography. This method is highly praised in the medical field because of how accurate it can be as well as the speed at which the test is done. The reason that this method is so accurate is being it can detect smaller lumps that a doctor may not notice while doing a manual check.

Another way to detect lumps on the breast that may or may not be cancerous is using an MRI machine. This is also an extremely accurate way of checking for breast cancer, because it too can detect small lumps or masses that may indicate the presence of cancer. The sooner you get these tests done, the better your chances will be of surviving, so you can live a long and healthy life.

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