Detaching Yourself from an Addict with Affection

It is difficult to be a constant for an addict, to bear the brunt of their mistakes and ending up sacrificing everything for them. The addict may grow up selfish & egocentric, overlooking the care of the next person he is having and all indulged in themselves.

                       This behaviour can be changed, but only when the addict thinks so. Even sending them to rehabs but with the same connection or bond won’t work because they want to be personally clean in all respect, before coming out from rehab as a normal person. We will be dealing with how to tackle those moments where you detach yourself from the addict to make sure he comes out more responsible. Parents need to read this so that they can help their addict child ceases up destroying their future.

To stay unaffected yourself, you need love during detachment, to ensure the grumps aren’t holding down your own personal life and also you don’t cut them out completely.

But, why Detach from your Addicted Beloved One?

                       This can be a challenging step, but is a necessary one, beneficial to both, you and addicted one. Here’s why:

  • Enabling Addiction: Giving money, taking the blamefor their mistake, fulfilling their responsibilities, you are in a slight way encouraging them to continue with what they are. Cutting yourself part forces to take charge of this & forcing them to clean themselves sooner.
  • Co-dependency: Excessive psychological reliance or emotion dependency is what co-dependency is. This is in spite of that they constantly fail you emotionally & hurt you. You may end up blaming your own self for their behaviour creating unhealthy dependence for emotional support on the addict, which he often not given.
  • Losing Yourself: An intense ups &downs, topsy-turvy life can be faced while living with an addict. This affects your life by to a great extent. Addicts can get manipulative, violent and you may lose your calm and then feel sorry for Your ultimate focus is the addict and you need to cut this out, take a step back, but make sure it’s with love. It makes them feel guilty and motivates them to get fresh and clean again.
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What does ‘Detaching with Love’ mean?  

Very few of us know the true meaning of this phase and parents need to read this carefully. With love detachment never refers to complete isolation. You just put yourself before them. You become less involved in their emotions or actions, making them see their own fault without getting rude. You don’t stop talking to them completely, neither kick them out if they ever ask for your help. Parents & spouses face the most difficulty to do this, as they are often the addict’s only caregiver.

                   Without cutting ties, you remove the co-dependency and not taking responsibilities of the mistakes.

How to do so & detach with love from an addict?

Without removing the love and respect for the addict, you ensure that you are giving yourself a better care than before. Also,

  • Understand that they are different and irrational: they may convince themselves that there is nothing wrong with them. Never argue with logic.
  • Stop taking responsibilities
  • Start placing yourself before anyone
  • Stop Giving without them doing the same. Make them do some good before they ask you for anything.
  • Consult with professionals in the rehab.

So, make a better move yourself first, to treat your addict.