Facts About Colon Cancer in Women

Facts About Colon Cancer in Women

Contrary to the popular misconception, colon cancer is a common ailment that affects both men and women. Indeed, it is seen as the third most common reason for cancer deaths in women. Hence, women should never underestimate their ability to develop cancerous enlargements on the inner walls of their colons. This terrible fallacy of it being a ‘man’s disease’ needs to be replaced with education on the risk factors for women, how they can curtail the occurrence of colon cancer, and the proper ways to receive screening and treatment, diminishing its impact.

What are the risk factors for women with regards to cancer of the colon? Well, it has been stated that as a woman increases in age, she is more likely to develop colon cancer as this hazard increases two fold every five years. This is not made better with the process of menopause or if colon cancer runs in the family.

Unfortunately, women with other types of cancers such as breast and uterine cancer, are also viable prospects for colorectal cancer. But when all is said and done, there are ways in which a woman can protect herself from developing colon cancer or in cases where it already exists, decrease its impact. These include receiving the proper screening, more formally known as a colonoscopy. This test detects the early signs and symptoms of colon cancer so that it can be treated. This is why it is important for women to not have a high fat or low fiber diet but one rich in fruits and vegetables, as it reduces these risks. Furthermore, hormone replacement therapy is a good method used with women who have gone through menopause to reduce the likelihood of colon cancer as well. All in all, regular exercise and daily supplements such as calcium should be taken, which has been proven to have reduced the risk of having a cancerous colon by 30-50% in women.

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Finally, as the colonoscopy has been proven to be the best tool employed for early detection of cancer of the colon, women should know all about such a procedure. A colonoscopy gives doctors a clear view of the lining of the colon to identify any signs of growths or enlargements resulting in this cancer. This 15-30 minutes examination involves the insertion of a slender, supple scope with a camera and an illuminator into the anus. With a running cost of $500 to $1000, the patient is made to take a number of pills or to drink a lot of a special fluids to release the bowels beforehand so that when the individual is sedated and examined, a clear depiction of what is going on inside the colon can be obtained.

There is really nothing to be scared about while going through this process. You will normally be sedated and made as comfortable as possible while you are examined. Besides, it is all for a good cause, which is maintaining your health. Because colon cancer is becoming so common in women, it is better to be in the know than to be clueless until it is too late. Be proactive and get yourself tested today!