How Does Lung Cancer Begin?

How Does Lung Cancer Begin?

Lung cancer is a disease in the lungs which is caused by rapid development and division of immature cells that are present inside the lungs. Lung cancer is also known as bronchogenic cancer and is regarded as histologic.

Normally, the lungs have the capability to repair tissues which are affected or destroyed through the process of producing normal and healthy lung cells. The moment abnormal growth and division of cells which are immature speeds up, a mass or tumor is formed and this could be the beginning of lung cancer.

A tumor can either be benign or malignant. If the tumor is benign, it is usually stranded in one area and is encapsulated.

A benign tumor has no intention of invading the tissues surrounding it. On the other hand, if the benign tumor begins to grow and is currently spreading to the tissues and organs, it is now called as malignant or is undergoing a cancerous stage. Once the cancerous cells break free, it now travels to the different body parts like the bones, lymph nodes, brain and liver, it is now termed as metastasis. There the cancer cells will have the capacity to grow and reproduce.

The number one cause of lung cancer is smoking which made up the 80% of deaths in men and 75% of deaths in women. The risk of getting cancer depends on how early a person is exposed to smoking or how many cigarettes are smoked per day although, there are studies which show that lower death rates are obtained out of the individuals who smoke using a low-nicotine brand and a cigarette filter.

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People who were once smokers and decided to quit it has a lower risk of having lung cancer. For those who are into smoking cigars and pipes, they have a higher lung cancer death chance than those usual cigarette smokers.

On the other hand, for the secondhand smokers namely those who are exposed to secondhand smoking, radon and asbestos or who have within their family a history of lung cancer may contribute to the development of the disease.

Smoking is one of the definite answers why lung cancer begins. Majority of these patients have similar smoking lifestyle that is uncontrollable and is difficult to manage. Without proper rehabilitation from smoking, the person is at high risk to becoming a candidate for the disease.

Lung cancer would usually begin with the exposure or usage of different cancerous substances. If exposed for quite some time, lung cells begin to react with the stimulus or chemical which is suspended inside it. Though describing the pathophysiology may have a lot of complexities, it is not completely emphasized by researches and tests. All that is revealed are the risk factors and main reasons why there is irregular and abnormal growth in the lung cells which leads to the disease.

Answering ‘how does lung cancer begin’ is not clearly given and understood. Genes that are influenced by the pathogenesis of the cancer tends to produce proteins which involves cell differentiation, apoptosis, tumor progression, cell cycle processes, angiogenesis and regulation of immunity. The moment these manifestations are experienced by the lungs, then it is inevitable that the affected lung may have to undergo multiple treatment modalities in order to get the best results.

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