Oranges Can Reduce Risk of Cancers in Children and Adults

Oranges Can Reduce Risk of Cancers in Children and Adults

An orange is probably the favorite fruit of millions of people – young and old – around the world. We take oranges in juice and as fruit ripe from the tree. It looks and tastes delicious. Many people have a juice machine and squeeze their own orange juice for breakfast. And this sweet tasting fruit is also good for us; really good for us in maintaining excellent health and thus helping our body to resist diseases including cancer.

Oranges contain many ingredients but one of major importance is Vitamin B9 which provides our body with folate. This is essential for the proper functioning of our body. Folate helps our DNA function smoothly. Folate helps us avoid anemia and at the same time helps to produce healthy red blood cells. As you know, our cells constantly divide and reproduce and when they do incorrectly, the basis of a cancer can begin within our body. This rapid growth of cells is important for both adults and children so folic acid and folate are available in oranges.

A lack of folate in our body may mean our DNA system is impaired or slow to repair itself. This situation is ripe for the development of a cancer.

Oranges help too in other ways. We all need fiber in our diet. Good, clean fiber lowers levels of cholesterol, aids in preventing heart disease and diabetes and is even a good way of reducing and maintaining a healthy weight. Anyone seeking to lower their risk of cancer should be looking at their overall health picture. Oranges are a source of fiber. Nutritionists say we should consume at least 20 grams of fiber a day.

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A small orange has about 1.2 grams of fiber as well as folate, Vitamin C and other healthy ingredients. A medium apple by comparison has about twice as much fiber as a small orange. They are both good for you. In the USA, most people eat less than 15 grams of fiber a day. Masses of people are not helping themselves reduce their risk of serious health problems including cancer.

The growth of various cancers has increased dramatically in recent years due in part to better methods of diagnosis and attributable in part to the environment in developed countries. People continue to smoke and many have a poor diet. Fresh fruit and vegetables must form an integral part of everyone’s diet. The orange is a perfect example of what should be in our diet.

Obesity and being overweight have long been linked to an incidence in the onset of cancer. Carrying those extra pounds puts pressure on your heart, and cells under pressure divide more easily. Divided cells are the foundation of cancer. By eating wisely and healthily, you will not only give your weight a chance to be reduced but you will add fiber and vitamins and minerals all of which are believed to lower your risk of cancer. Oranges are cheap, plentiful and available as fresh fruit [the best] or in any number of drinks. Raise a glass to the orange today.