Personality Traits of Cancer

Personality Traits of Cancer

Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac, ruled by the moon, and symbolized by the crab. Cancerians may be very emotional on the inside, but on the outside, they appear cool, calm, and collected. But, that outward coolness is just a facade. The Cancerian is filled with emotions and when hurt or disappointed, will retreat into his or her own shell. This shell can be emotional or physical. Nurturing and caring, the Cancerian likes nothing more to be at home with family. Family is very, very important to Cancerians and their home is their safe zone. When hurt, he or she may pull away and disappear for a period of time. However, you will hardly ever see a Cancerian take revenge on the person who hurt them.

While Cancerians have a great sense of humor, they can be moody and short-tempered. Others may not understand why, but it is because Cancerians are very deep people and take every move they make very seriously. Because of this, they are usually very successful people, but when they are not, they will go over the failure again and again instead of shrugging it off. These deep emotions tend to make Cancer one of the most unpredictable of the zodiac signs.

Still, Cancerians have a very soft side to them. They can be very empathetic towards others because they are so emotional. They can also be very sentimental, often thinking of the past. He or she may hold on to past mementos and fondly remember their childhood.

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Because they fear being hurt and hate hurting others, Cancerians are the ultimate sidesteppers. They may not take the direct approach, but usually end up with what they want in the end.

At work, Cancerians are very dedicated, although they prefer a stable job environment as opposed to one the offers many changes. They are sympathetic to co-workers and are often the first to nurture others. Good occupations for Cancerians include teachers, nurses, chefs, and doctors.

Although he or she may be cautious with money, Cancerians often like to collect things such as coins or dishes. They are very loyal friends, but may not help you out until the very last minute.

Cancer children are often very loving but you may be surprised how long they will remember emotional childhood events. Cancer children are very in tune to their surroundings and can pick up on even the subtlest changes. It is very important to them to have a stable and peaceful home. Don’t try to force things on a Cancer child. He or she has their reasons for not liking certain types of foods or items. While it may not make any sense to you, getting him or her to change their mind is almost impossible.

Physically, Cancerians are susceptible to problems with their breasts and stomachs, including digestive problems often due to tension and stress.

Famous Cancerians include Sylvester Stallone, Harrison Ford, Courtney Love, Rembrandt, Robin Williams, Tom Cruise, Bill Cosby, John Quincy Adams, Gerald Ford, Prince William, Princess Diana, and Nelson Mandela.

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