Prostate Cancer in Dogs – Notable Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatments

Prostate Cancer in Dogs – Notable Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatments

Of course – it’s not only human beings that suffer from prostate cancer. Animals too suffer from the condition. Yes, you read that right. Animals such as dogs too can suffer from prostate type of cancer. In dogs, the disease could be more severe than that in men. In this regards, prostate cancer in dogs needs to be given urgent attention. If you find it difficult to detect your dog’s prostate cancer, this article can help you. Take your time to read it and it can make a lot of difference in your dog’s life.

The notable symptoms of dogs’ cancer of the prostate are weight loss and general pains in the prostate glands. As the dog grows, the prostate expands and pushes itself against the urethra which causes urination problems. Thus, the dog might be experiencing serious pains in the urethra and every so often the dog’s hind legs might be weakened and arched back. If all these occur, know that your dog could be infected with prostate cancer.

Early diagnosis of this disease reduces the chances of early death in both dogs and men. If your dog is experiencing general pains in the prostate gland and losing weight as well, you can call the attention of the veterinary doctor to diagnose the disease. The doctor can conduct series of tests like urine test, ultra sound scan and contrast x-ray. With these the doctor will be able to detect and come up with the right treatment for your dog.

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After diagnosis, your dog can now be treated. There are various treatment options. The doctor can use chemotherapy which is the use of drugs for treating prostate cancer. Radiation is another option and this involves the use of x-rays and other radioactive materials for the treatment of cancer. When or if the above options prove abortive, the doctor can now use surgery. Here, the surgical operation is carried out by removing the prostate gland and other related tissues that are already affected by the cancerous cells.

Prostate cancer in dogs needs proper attention. Once you started seeing weakness in your dog’s health, call an expert. The doctor may help you diagnose and treat your dog using various options like chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.

Don’t overlook your dog’s health. Once your dog is having general pains in the prostate gland and weight loss, take it to the veterinary doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment. As you might already know about the condition in human beings, the sooner it is diagnosed and treatment started, the better the chances of surviving the condition.