Prostate Cancer Information on the System of Staging

Prostate Cancer Information on the System of Staging

While doing the diagnosis or prostate cancer screening, the growth must be further defined in terms of its extent. This diagnostic process, called staging, involves a systematic search for the characteristics of the primary tumor, involvement of the lymph nodes and evidence of metastasis. This important information provides not only the doctor but also the patient about the condition that his body is going through and what would be the necessary measures that needs to be undertaken in order to treat the problem. Like all other types of cancer, the severity of the condition is divided into 4 stages.

The first among the prostate cancer stages is the earliest one. Stage 1 can be detected by accident or when the patient is undergoing other treatment related to the reproductive system. It is not detected by digital rectal examination because the cancer cells are still contained inside the prostate gland. You may not even feel or experience any signs or symptoms that you have this type of cancer. You will just be surprised when the doctor will detect that there is something wrong when you submit for an examination specific for prostate problems.

Moreover, prostate cancer information states that the second type of cancer is still contained on the prostate gland, however, it has grown and the size is evident enough to be detected during digital rectal exam. It can also be seen through ultrasound examination. Due to its growth, you may feel certain symptoms like problem when it comes to your urination. However, you may not mind them just because you might think that it can be due to something else. But when you consult this to a doctor, there is a great possibility that you have this type of cancer especially if you are high risk.

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The third stage of this kind of cancer is already alarming especially that the cancer cells has spread to the surrounding tissues. Once diagnosed to have 3rd stage of prostate cancer, you must undergo treatment so that it will not spread to other vital organs which would then lead to a lot of complications. Surgery and radiation therapy are two of the possible treatments that can be done by an oncologist to you. You have the choice to undergo a surgical procedure or commit yourself to radioactive materials.

Prostate cancer usually does not lead to other organs of the body. However, in the fourth stage of this type of cancer, it has metastasized or spread to the bones and the lymph nodes. It has become more serious and systemic. Treatment would be done aggressively in order to stop the spread of the cancer cells. You must talk it over to your doctor about what possible options you have. You are already a complicated case but with your cooperation and that of your doctor, maybe there is still a good chance for cure.

This prostate cancer information especially when it comes to staging is what you must learn and remember. Treatment can vary according to the extent of the disease process and there is a greater chance for cure when treated at the earliest possible time.