Researches on Esophageal Cancer

Researches on Esophageal Cancer

Esophageal cancer is still a major health problem among people all over the world as it is normally diagnosed at an advanced stage and till now there is no effective treatment to cure it. The incidence and intensity of the disease vary from one place to another and is found in great numbers in certain Asian countries like India, China and Japan and found in huge numbers also in UK, US and Iceland. Hence various research centers and health organizations are involved in various kinds of researches on disease in a hope to find a remedy or effective treatment method.

Various types of disease are found but only two types are very distinct. They are adenocarcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma. Adenocarcinoma affects the junction of the stomach and esophagus wile squamous cell carcino is a type of esophageal cancer that damages the upper esophageal part. The survival rate of disease is not more than five years and that too with only fifteen percent survival rate.

Researches on disease are mainly conducted by various centers for detecting them earlier, preventing this type of cancer, to know the biology, prognosis of the disease, for controlling cancer, survivorship, effective treatment methods or options, etiology or causes and so on. Normally, disease can be diagnosed using biopsy. Localized tumors get treated using surgery. The extent of the spread of disease and various medical problems can determine the prognosis of the disease.

Researches on disease have found out that the disease makes it hard to swallow since the tumor blocks the esophagus passage. Some patients might even find hard swallowing their saliva. In order to lower the tumor size and making the swallowing process easy, doctors might insert a plastic or stainless steel stent or tube or a device similar to a balloon for widening or opening the esophagus. Sometimes laser too are used for vaporizing the esophageal tumor.

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Researches show that eating small meals at regular frequencies can help in decreasing the side effects of disease. Easy to eat or swallow and soothing foods like yogurt, milkshakes or soups can selected instead of hard to swallow foods. Doctors can provide suggestions about the various mineral and vitamin supplements required by the patients. Even the snacks too are advised to be nourishing. Yogurt and fresh fruits and vegetables are right choices.

The main objective of conducting researches and clinical trials is to improve the living condition of the patients suffering from disease and to find new ways of dealing with the disease. It is a never ending process as it aims at curing the disease completely.

Natural Remedies:

There are certain natural remedies that offer a promising cure for esophageal cancer. Along with the natural remedies and a well-researched different diet pattern, a few simple adjustments to your lifestyle can make a huge difference to your efforts for prolonging the life for several years. You can increase your chances of surviving esophagus cancer now by trying these proven natural remedies discussed here.