Runner Gratitude – Lip Balm With SPF

Runner Gratitude – Lip Balm With SPF

Did you know that lip balm could save your life? It is true. Lip balm with a sun protection factor (SPF) has the potential to prevent you from developing lip cancer from overexposure to the sun’s damaging UV rays, and that lip cancer could kill you.

If you are a runner who works out at least part of the time in the daylight hours, then you should seriously consider applying a lip balm with an SPF to your lips before going for runs like these.

But there are also some cosmetic reasons to wear lip balm:

You can keep your lips from drying out, which is not a pretty look, by using any kind of lip balm.

You may be able to prevent wrinkling and age spots on your lips, by using a lip balm with an SPF.

Note, though, that balm is not the same as gloss. In fact, a study in Los Angeles County (California) discovered an increased risk of developing lip cancer among women who wore lip gloss, apparently because the gloss tended to magnify the damaging effect of the sun’s UV rays.

You can use gratitude for something as “lowly” as lip balm to activate the Law of Attraction to bring more people, places, things, experiences, and emotions to you that will support your life as a runner. The trick is to regularly feel this gratitude, and you can do this by making a list of gratitude statements for your balm and then daily or weekly reading those statements while feeling the positive emotions that you associate with those statements.

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To get you started, here are several statements of gratitude for lip balm with SPF:

I am truly grateful to the researchers who identified a sun protection factor that could be put in my balm while being gentle to my lips and my nose.

I am thankful for everyone involved in delivering my balm with SPF to me — from the ingredients suppliers, to the manufacturer, to the shipping company, to the retailer, to the cashier or online-order processor.

I appreciate how my balm with SPF keeps my lips soft and as free from wrinkles and age spots as possible.

I love that my balm stays on my lips for hours of running.

I am grateful that my balm with SPF has such a good price that I can easily afford to have several sticks — such as one in my car, one in my bathroom cabinet, and one in my gym bag.

If you like these statements, then use them “as is”; otherwise, edit them to fit your personality. Then daily or weekly review your list — with feeling!