Signs and Symptoms of Prostate Cancer

Signs and Symptoms of Prostate Cancer

The most common symptom of Prostate cancer is a constant need to urinate frequently. This would be especially during the night hours. This happens due to loss of control over the urinary bladder. Others are things like having difficulty in passing urine, blood in the urine, pain in the groin or even pain while ejaculation. Sometimes, even in the semen, blood can be found. Erectile dysfunction is very common which badly affects the sex lives of men.

Other common symptoms are pain in the pelvic area, pain while urinating, less passage of urine or even dribbling of urine sometimes, a feeling which suggests that the bladder needs to pass out urine, constant pain in the back, bone, abdomen or thighs. Many people also lose the urge to eat and loose weight suddenly.

When it comes to erectile dysfunction, many disorders are observed like the curving of the penis during erection. This is commonly known as Peyronie’s disease. In this, a hard mass of tissue develops below the skin on the upper or the lower side of the penis. Due to this, there is a burning sensation under the skin of the penis. Sometimes, a hardened tissue or a scar develops on the sides of the penis. Also, there is a very painful and a prolonged erection which does not include sexual desire. This is commonly known as priapism. Sometimes, the erection is not proper and satisfactory. The diameter of the penis may also decrease during erection. Erectile dysfunction is common in people who are aged as compared to youngsters. It is popularly known as impotence. With Prostate cancer progressing in the later stages, the erection takes a lot of time to take place. It is not rigid and needs lot of stimulation. Many people also realize that orgasm is not that intense and takes a longer time, or even the amount of semen ejaculated is very less or the penis takes more time to recover after each ejaculation.

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In case of women, they may experience things like an early menopause, decreased development of sexual organs, fatigue and infertility. They may also experience low energy levels and a reduced urge to have sex. They may feel more stressed without any reason. In case of men, the amount of sperms produced becomes less. In women, there may be things like a reduction in the size of the breast or even a stoppage in the maturation of the egg. Sometimes, the menstrual cycle becomes highly irregular.

GAD is a common symptom of Prostate cancer. It is called as generalized anxiety disorder. People may feel very much worried, panicky or anxious at times and that too without any specific reason. People may also feel a phobia or get panic attacks. This is more common in females though.

Other symptoms are restlessness, a lump in the throat, difficulty in concentrating on things, impatience, irritation, muscular tension, sleeplessness, asthma or difficulty in breathing, lot of sweating, headache, stomach ache or even diarrhea.