Tanning – Why You Should Not Do It!

Tanning – Why You Should Not Do It!


Everyone would like to get that healthy tanned glow. It shows that you have several things going for you. The first is you have the time to relax and get a body tan. If you get your tan in the winter, it shows you also have money to travel to receive your tan. Another reason is that if you lift weights and do exercises to develop muscles or lose weight, a tan will high light the contours of your body.

But for all the benefits of tanning, you could develop major unwanted health problems. So here is why tanning is a serious problem to your health and your body.

Health Problems

Exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation, either from the sun or tanning beds, can cause some serious health problems such as skin cancer, skin burns and even eye damage.

Skin cancer caused by melanoma is the most deadly form of skin cancer. There are two ways it is developed:

Damaged DNA- When UV radiation damages the DNA in the skin cell it will cause the cell to grow abnormally. In this case, the cell could either develop as benign or malignant, resulting in skin cancer.

Immune System- Excessive exposure to UV radiation can also damage the immune system. When this happens, the immune system is weakened and cannot ward off the development of cancer cells.

If you lay out in the sun to long you could develop a very painful case of sunburn. This painful condition can last several days and lead to skin cancer, skin infections or even death.

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Eye damage caused by UV radiation is called photokeratitis which is actually a sun burning of the cornea. It occurs most often in high altitudes, in snowy conditions where the UV radiation is reflected most easily. This is best known as snow-blindness. This condition can last for 24 to 48 hours and is like having sand in your eyes.


The predominate cause of pre-mature aging is exposure to UV radiation. This type of pre-mature aging is called photoaging or dermatoheliosis.

When sunlight or UV radiation strikes the skin an enzyme called metalloproteinase is produced. This enzyme will break down collagen in the skin. When these breakdown they will develop disorganized collagen fibers or solar scars. As they are continuously damaged, pre-mature wrinkles will develop.


Though you may look healthy and beautiful sporting a tan, it is temporary. What is permanent is possible health problems and/or premature wrinkles.

If you insist on a tan, liquid or spray are the safest ways to get one.