The 5 Biggest Causes of Cancer – Know the Facts

The 5 Biggest Causes of Cancer – Know the Facts

Cancer is a deadly disease that is even capable of bringing death to the patient. Researchers are trying their best to find cure for this malignant disease. Cancer is of different types. The classification of cancer into different types is based on the part of the human body in which the disease has affected.

Most of the people do not know much about the disease and this ignorance is the major reason why the death rate are so high. Even though, researchers have not fully succeeded in finding the perfect cure for cancer, the death rate can be controlled if people have good knowledge about the disease.

You should not only pay attention in understanding the different types of cancer and their treatments, but also the causes. Understanding the causes will help you in avoiding the things that may result in cancer. The main causes of cancer are mentioned below.


Many studies about cancer have already found that smoking is one among the main causes of cancer. Smoking affects the overall human body. The habit takes a toll on the health of many organs including kidneys, pancreas and stomach. It is also found that quitting smoking will reduce the risk of getting cancer, considerably.


Genetics is another main cause of cancer. If there is a history of cancer in the family, the person has higher chances of getting cancer. This is the reason why it is said that such persons should take extra precautions. The modern day medical sciences have developed greatly and there are numerous genetic tests available for the hereditary cancers. However, this does not mean that the person who has a family history of getting cancer will develop it.

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Environmental factors

It has also been found that the environment in which a person lives will also have a major role in cancer development.

Prolonged exposure to minerals like asbestos can cause numerous health problems including cancer. The medical problems that may occur because of the exposure to such minerals are known as mesothelioma. Exposure to benzene will also increase the risk of getting cancer according to some studies. You will only be able to understand the critical nature of this information when you come to know that benzene is present in scenarios including smoking, pollution and combustion of gasoline.

Unsafe Sex

Unsafe sex will also increase your risk of getting cancer. The chances of developing virus known as HPV will increase if you are practicing unsafe sex. This will in turn increase your risk of getting vulvar, vaginal, anal and cervical cancers.

Exposure to rays from sun

The UV rays emitted by the sun can also be called as a cause of cancer. These rays will result in the development of skin cancer. You will be astonished to know that wearing sunscreens when you are outside during the part of the day in which the sunrays are the strongest can reduce your risk of getting skin cancer.

The aforementioned are the five major causes of cancer.