The Link Between Body Fat Obesity and Cancer

The Link Between Body Fat Obesity and Cancer

Body Fat Obesity & Cancer

Men’s body fat and women’s body fat are different; it always seems easier for a man to shed weight than a woman. He has to stop drinking beer for a month, go out for a few walks after dinner and do a few hours a week on a cross trainer or rowing machine. Some women virtually starve themselves and eat just what their body needs to lose weight and they hang onto that fat for dear life.

The difference is estrogen dominance, which means either the body produces too much of the estrogen hormones or not enough progesterone to balance it. Even women with exceptionally low estrogen levels can have estrogen dominant symptoms if her body does not manufacture progesterone. This estrogen dominance leads to weight gain and obesity especially around the abdomen. Weight gain and estrogen dominance has been linked directly to ovarian and breast cancer and it can lead to cervical dysplasia which causes the cells in the cervix to change.

In the past all of these hormonal imbalances were treated by stuffing more hormones into the body. However recently it has been apparent that women have an individual and unique hormonal pattern. One of the quirks of our body is that if we treat estrogen imbalance with progesterone and the body gets too much progesterone it can be metabolized into estrogen, thus exacerbating the very problems that it is designed to cure.

While the correct balance of hormones is important, endocrine specialists have been looking at achieving a hormonal balance naturally. Diindolyimethane is an anti cancerous nutrient founds in the cruciferous family of vegetables which are broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage amongst others. Edible plants in the Cruciferae family are Cruciferous vegetables. They are all high in vitamin C and soluble fiber and contain multiple nutrients with anti cancer properties which include diindolylmethane, sulforaphane and selenium.

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Unfortunately, it is not a simple matter or just eating more cruciferous vegetables, although diindolylmethane is released when the plants are chewed. Medical research had illustrated that it would be necessary to eat a kilo of vegetables in the cruciferous family each day to get the benefit of diindolylmethane. For many people this is an unrealistic amount, although it does attest to the fact that at least ten portions of fresh fruit and vegetables are required every day to get the amount of required diindolylmethane

Many people find the diindolylmethane or DIM supplements are a better way of ingesting the nutrients of the cruciferous family. A stable form of DI M supplements has been developed, that has special absorption properties so that is can be absorbed by the body to help to restore hormonal balance naturally. Once this has been achieved then the symptoms of hormonal estrogens dominance has gone.

By: Rita Dalian