The Power of Conceptualizing Positive Thinking

The Power of Conceptualizing Positive Thinking

As humans we can set up a failing trap we think we will fail, and therefore we subconsciously set up the situations where we do fail. This step can be very powerful and influential because it works on two levels it happens in both the conscious and the unconscious mind.

Negative people those that carry negative thoughts in their head lose out on so many levels, and unfortunately it is a vicious circle, – they think they will fail, therefore they do, therefore they have an expectation to fail, and they feel more and more let down by life. Because they have low self esteem and negative thoughts they simply cannot imagine winning on any level, and these are the worst possible thoughts you can take with you when you are having treatment for cancer.

Yet strangely positive thoughts like laughter are catching if others around you are succeeding then you feel more optimistic and are more likely to make positive change happen. People who are naturally pessimistic are not going to change over night and become optimists, however you do not have to take up negative thoughts you can be aware of them and discard them.

The Common Obstacles to Success in Cancer treatment

* Your Mind is set on fail mode

* Stereotypes; don’t judge books by their cover.

* A fixed mind avoid it by keeping your options fluid

* Negative thought transference

* Entrenchments don’t keep repeating past mistakes.

One of the reasons for success is the ability to exploit opportunity and to exploit an opportunity one has to see it. The Hindu concept of non duality is alien to Western ideas, Advaita-Vedanta, advocated there is One Spirit in the Universe,

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And we are all part of that spirit. Western thoughts actually promote us as individuals, but Eastern thought focuses on how alike we are and what we share with others rather than uniqueness. The Hindus believe that everything is connected and to regard all matter as separate is an illusion of the mind. At its best non duality means a connection with all other living things and a profound sense of peace. Meditation and practicing yoga is calming and in a state of inner tranquility they can identify with the oneness of spirit.

Changing their mindset allows many people to strip down what is important in their lives and to focus on healing yourself and getting well, there is no right to wrong answers here, but a set of individual guidelines that stream from your unconscious and once your metal and physical states are in tune then the better and stronger that you can feel mentally.