What makes electronic cigarettes safer and healthier than smoking?

There is a big misconception among people that electronic cigarettes are either equally harmful or more harmful than smoking but this is far from being true. Researches also indicate that they are considered as safer as they don’t comprise of tobacco or doesn’t include combustion. Once you search with the word ‘vaping’ in Google, you’d never be told that this is an activity which is fraught with risks. The top most stories will usually be related to different health issues, the explosions of electronic devices and that vaping leads to smoking among teenagers who didn’t used to smoke before.

In reality, electronic cigarettes aren’t as harmful as you think them to be. In fact, they’re much safer than smoking, as researches accumulate. As against people who had stopped smoking and who couldn’t, it was seen that those who could, did it because of the habit of vaping.

What do researches suggest?

As said by the Cancer Research UK, there was a study which found out there was enough reduction in the level of carcinogens and other toxic chemicals among the vapers as compared to that of the tobacco smokers. However, this was seen only when the user had completely stopped smoking. According to even further research which compared toxins in smoke and vapor which can lead to cancer, the estimated increased risk of cancer from smoking tobacco cigarettes rather than vaping. Majority of the data that you find on e-cigarettes suggest cancer risk from vaping but that is 1% as compared to smoking.

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Why are e-cigs considered as relatively safe?

Smoking is considered to be the biggest cause of cancer which can be prevented but is mostly not prevented. If you remain smoke-free, you can remain free from at least 15 kinds of cancer including bowel, lung and also pancreatic cancers. There have been evidences, as mentioned above that electronic cigarettes are much less harmful than smoking due to the fact that there is no combustion in them. Since there is no smoke, carbon monoxide or tar in smoking tobacco cigarettes, studies have found much higher levels of all kinds of toxins in cigarettes.

E-cigarettes are also much closer to NRT or nicotine replacement therapy products than compared to tobacco in terms of the harm. While they may contain nicotine, if the user wants to, but this doesn’t lead to any major health issue.

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